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Aroa Aspheric Foldable IOL is made from Natural Yellow material having a special monomer containing the identical chromophore present in the human crystalline lens. Natural Yellow is the first IOL material to incorporate the same UV-A blocking and violet light filtering chromophore that is in the human crystalline lens. The approach, to UV blockers and violet filters is to use nature's own solutions to the problem of protecting the retina from harmful energetic light. This proprietary natural light filtering material is named as "Natural Yellow".

Technical Details


The absorption spectrum of 2 - Hydroxykynurenine(Figure-1) shows that this natural compound is an excellent UV-A blocker with secondary purpose of filtering (nonblocking) violet light.The visible transmission spectrum of our Aroa natural Yellow IOL (Figure-2) compared to the transmission spectrum of a young human crystalline Lens as defined by van de Kraats and van Norren. Recent independent investigations have shown that current blue blocking IOLs cause a loss in contrast sensitivity as well as color perception. Aroa Natural Yellow with Aspheric Optic IOLs provide complete natural protection without loosing contrast sensitivity or color perception.


Material Hydrophobic Material - Natural Yellow
UV-A Blocking & Violet-Blue Light Filtering
Manufactured Molded & Lathe Cut
Model No. 012/OS/13
Optic Style Bi Convex
Convexity Aspheric
Optic Size 6.0 mm.
Diametral 12.5 mm
Haptic Style "L" Loop, 50 Angulation
A "Constant" 119.0
Diopters +10.0 to +30.0 (0.5 increment in D.+18 to 25)
Refractive Index 1.481
Natural Yellow - protect retina without blocking needed blue light.
3600 Square Edge Optics, minimize the chance of PCO.
Singlepiece Lens with Double muscle model "L" loop.
Increase the functional vision without compromising the contrast sensitivity.
Ideal lens for an Optimal Visual Comfort.
Below D.+10 can be manufactured on demand.